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John Stewart: Why Campaigns are Better than Government

Listening to yesterday’s The Daily Show, I watched Aneesh Chopra speak with John Stewart about the challenges government faces with “legacy systems”, “legacy databases” and “20 year efforts” and watched John’s eyes glaze over. Let’s see if we can explain the problem. Continue reading

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Politics in a World of Social Data – who knows what about whom?

I believe the 2012 Election will be about the next step in behavioural targeting using click-stream and social graph in a way that allows for influencer marketing to create returns like never before.

Campaigns will use metrics that will drive performance for funding, for sentiment and for votes – but in a more targeted fashion like never before. The Obama Campaign does not only have a technical team working, but a video production team, a slew of copywriters and a host of designers. I can only imagine that they are on the level of a independent studio in creating appropriate Artifacts for this campaign. Continue reading

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Republicans Sites are so non-inspiring…

Been having some fun while being across the pond – watching the coverage out in New Hampshire. Decided to take a look at some of the sites of the candidates that have not had the cash to build a campaign. So, enjoy my opinions. Continue reading

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Political Technology Answers for a Research Questionaire

I was contacted by a researcher in the past two weeks to get some thoughts on the technologies for political campaigns this year. Thought the answers to these questions might be interesting to my readership. Enjoy. Continue reading

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After 100 Days of Repug rule – where’s the Jobs Bill?

After 100 Days of Republican majority of the House, where is the Jobs Bill? Continue reading

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Some honest, actual, non-rhetorical questions for my conservative friends who vote Republican

I, too, am frustrated with the insanity that is spun out of various special interest groups. Can someone answer Gadi’s simple questions? Continue reading

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Save NPR funding!

So, keeping with the mission of the CPB and the overall effort to keep a free-and-fair programming, the “deficit hawks” are going after essentially $32M in that grant. The good that NPR and the CPB does for our country – especially across the rural parts of our country – is incredibly valuable. When are the Congressional “deficit hawks” going to go after the real portion of the pie that is gauging us? Continue reading

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Speed of a Meme: Is all there is but twitter and Facebook?

But as long as the networks exist – and they may be for a little while longer – these issues will continue to grow. The utility of twitter with its API and ubiquity on all mobile phone platforms (both smart phones and normal) and the thrall of Facebook to our information-hungry communities combined with the social network graph and the APIs that allow for even further fine-tuning of our interests when we need them – this is a challenge that governments both here and abroad are going to need to address. Continue reading

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Are the Senate Repugs are setting the stage for a 9/11 rescue next year…

And what I saw sickened me.  In the 111th Congress,
the Senate Republicans are still filibustering over the James
Zadroga 9/11 Health and Compensation Act. After their continued use
of 9/11 in the past nine years, I am sickened at the acts of the
Senate Republicans and their insane delays. And then to note that
none of the major news outlets even set any time to this particular
outrage. Continue reading

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Could Obama be thinking of one-term and done?

A couple of days ago, a political consultant was talking to me over drinks and I heard him muse that maybe President Obama might be thinking a “one-term and done” strategy. Instead of trying to focus on the next election, as the next part of his Presidency will be, maybe the idea would be to announce – in the coming weeks – that he is not going to run for re-election.
Continue reading

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