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Politics in a World of Social Data – who knows what about whom?

I believe the 2012 Election will be about the next step in behavioural targeting using click-stream and social graph in a way that allows for influencer marketing to create returns like never before.

Campaigns will use metrics that will drive performance for funding, for sentiment and for votes – but in a more targeted fashion like never before. The Obama Campaign does not only have a technical team working, but a video production team, a slew of copywriters and a host of designers. I can only imagine that they are on the level of a independent studio in creating appropriate Artifacts for this campaign. Continue reading

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Definition of a Modern US President (video)?

Someone on Facebook shared with me, so I felt I might share it with others: Obama Still Smokin': A Modern U.S. President Directed, Created and Barack Obama played by Ron Butler.

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My favorite parts of Obama’s Inaugural Speech

So let us mark this day with remembrance, of who we are and how far we have traveled. In the year of America’s birth, in the coldest of months, a small band of patriots huddled by dying campfires on the … Continue reading

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Government By the People 2.0

Tonight, I spent the evening listening to a number of people discussing the future of the Obama Administration and how technology may enable it. I live-blogged the event and provide my transcript below: NYSIA January Monthly Meeting: Government By the … Continue reading

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Choice for our future: strong leader, strong cabinet please.

It is my sincere expectation (hope often sounds weak) that President Obama uses the resources found all over this great land – from Democrats to Republicans, from Keynesian to supply-side economics, from public and private to charter schools – Obama has a chance, this time with the stakes so incredibly high, to make a difference in the future of the country. Continue reading

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Under the Radar exposing the robocalls and dark matter mailers

Wow. Just got an email from a friend that showed me what the Chicago Office of the Obama Campaign has been working on. Talk about transparency – they launched “Under the Radar” where people can see and submit robocalls and scan of negative mailers to the campaign – and allow for the rest of the country to see and hear them.

This is BIG. This is incredible.

For the first time, we can connect on what is happening in different battleground states and SEE and HEAR what dreck is being distributed. This is something that can change the way campaigns are run.

When I saw it – I was incredibly excited since remembering when I was working for a candidate in Florida and found, during the canvassing, the various lies and hate mailers that people were pulling out of their mailboxes. Continue reading

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Summary of the Florida/Broward 2008 Ballot

So this time, I decided – why not make a cheat sheet on how to find the answers to the different ballot measures that you might need to research. Spending time on google is one thing, spending it on six different elected offices, six statewide amendments and ten county initiatives is quite another…

I am going to list all of the elected positions on this post, and then summarize the amendments and county initiatives on another. And to help in making a choice, I am going to include the opinions of the two major papers of the area. Continue reading

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Obama: Presidential, McCain: Brawler, American People: which?

IMHO – McCain came out looking like the fiesty brawler, Obama came out looking like the statesman. I want Obama in office, because I believe that his judgment will be the one I trust the best – since not everything can be summarized into partisan soundbites. But, I also want someone who – in front of a worldwide audience can smack down someone with the right kind of style and panache that will demonstrate it to us as a whole that he will take on the “baddies” of the world and be the leader of the Free World.

My favorite part of the debate was Obama’s last statements where he talked about looking beyond the lens of terrorism and into the lens of all of the issues. Singleminded, mono-focused view points is what took our eyes off the ball and led us into this mess. A true President will think beyond the one-line rhetoric and deliver us to the reality that is the Next American Century. Continue reading

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Liveblogging the First Presidential Debate

Watching the debate on BBS (no commentary, what a great way of listening) while in Bangkok, Thailand:

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Retransmitting Obama/McCain Statement

After waking up on the other side of the world, I find myself astonished at the insanity that is overtaking the election – especially with McCain’s fear of speaking in public. This is an election that will determine our future … Continue reading

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