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Last Friday, I took my podcasting kit with me to the Village 7 in the East Village and met up with Writer/Director Robert Edwards to chat about the launch of “Land of the Blind” in New York City. Over the course of two hours, we created a couple of podcasts talking about a number of things including how he came about to create such a film, the various reviews and reactions the film generated, and how he came to raise $5M and attach Rafe Fiennes and Donald Sutherland to a first effort by a novice fiction director. You can hear the podcasts below:

Introduction (mp3)
Robert and I discuss the origins of the film and how he created the story and the hidden meaning behind the imagery.
Recap of Reviews (mp3)
Robert discussed the impact the film has had on audiences and reviewers alike.
How To Make an Independent Film (mp3)
After being a documentarian, I wondered how he was able to attract $5M in funding for his first writing effort and then attract such powerhouse talent such as Donald Sutherland and Rafe Fiennes.

Since our meeting, Robert sent a message:

Thanks to the support of our friends and the movie’s fans, the film did well enough in its opening week that its theatrical run in Manhattan has been extended. It will be playing at the Village 7 (but not the Empire 25) for another week, through next Thursday June 29. Beyond that remains to be seen….

Unfortunately, it did not do well enough to convince the distributor to open it in other cities across the US. A hurried release, in the middle of summer, with little advertising and no marketing proved too much, even with a groundswell of popular support.

But we’re not sunk yet. We know that this is a controversial film that people other love or hate. We are negotiating now to bring the film to other cities on a one-by-one basis. Details on international theatrical release also to follow soon.

I really appreciate your support of the film, and you passing the word on to friends and colleagues. This is proof that grassroots support and word of mouth CAN make a difference, and win at least a battle or two, if not the whole war.

Please tell your friends and readers in New York who may be interested in the film that there is still time to see it, and stay tuned for details of further distribution across the US and worldwide…

Thanks again for spreading the word. I’ll be in touch soon….

So, can you help get out the word? The film is still at the Village 7 on 3rd Avenue in the East Village – check out the film and tell us how you feel it is.

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