The Emails Keep On Comin’

In the last couple of weeks, I have begun to notice a steady increase of emails from the various players in the 2006 and upcoming 2008 election cycle. Ranging from my frequent email missives from Hillary and John, I am seeing:

  • Russ Feingold – using GetActive to send out emails to get people to sign his petition for healthcare and announcing his new website
  • Evan Bayh – using a Articulated Man-like design to send out emails from his newly revamped website
  • Senator Joe Biden – using a Articulated Man design and GetActive to send out media alerts

Additionally, I get email from:

  • State Senator Rod Smith – running for Florida governor
  • Congressman Jim Davis – Smith’s Democratic primary competitor
  • AG Charlie Crist – Republician front-runner for Florida governor
  • FL Senator Bill Nelson – Senior US Senator for Florida
  • Senator Maria Cantwell – running for Senate in Washington state
  • Former Governor Howard Dean – for the DNC
  • Congressman Rahm Emanuel and Congresswoman Nanci Peloci – for the DCCC
  • My “friends” at the GOP and the RNC
  • Democracy for America, True Majority and MoveOn on the left
  • RightMarch on the right

And so many other players. One thing I noticed is that all (of the Democrats) are beginning to follow the basic premise of emails gained from the Dean campaign. Seen cribbing from the echoDitto site, most are beginning to use this basic format of links in the body and such. But, what seems to be missing from some – and especially from Republicians like AG Crist – is a succinct, engaging narrative that poses a problem that is solved by our involvement. Getting us to engage and invest in the solution makes us stronger supporters in the long run.

I have to give credit to some of the players – like BlueStateDigital (behind the emails from Rod Smith) and Mayfield Strategies (behind the content from Hillary, Cantwell, Casey and others) – they are generating well-written and engaging content. What worries me is that others – like Bayh, Biden and Feingold – who are trying to position themselves for the upcoming fight – are not winning the discourse. They are getting missives out there – but little engagement. Where are the real problems that we could solve with you – the candidates?

Anyone looking at Warner?

Hmmm….here is a candidate that seems to be involved in engagement, rather than announcement. In terms of his actions and interactions, this candidate seems to be building a relationship with his base. And instead of thinking of pure marketing (or broadcasting and blogging for the PR aspects), Warner seems to be involved in the communications – and building what people used to describe as the Dean campaign. Will a movement form? Will Warner’s emails get to the level I describe? Not sure – since, for some reason, I have not been getting them. But I will keep on the look out and see how everyone begins to shape up. And – Sen McCain – what’s up with your connecting?

UPDATE: Granted, getting a trackback from a fellow bloggerKari Chisholm is not usually cause for note, but when it is the first solid one that is not trying to sell Hoodia solutions, Viagra or other sundry links – all I can say is thanks.

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