John Kerry out of the hunt…


Well, the news is out, and it was very evident on his website with a return to a Massachusetts-focus – Senator John Kerry (JK) has announced he is not going to run as a candidate for the 2008 Presidential Primary Election. While there have been numerous articles, posts and commentaries on his campaign and the missteps (both during and afterward), people still have yet to understand the man for what he has done and continues to do for this country.

Granted, the Right can blow his speeches way out of proportion, but he is trying to be a force for good in government – helping Democratic candidates through fundraising, working on the issues that matter to his constituents and country – and, as he planned all his life, to work to be the leader of this nation. But, as suggested in the article listed earlier, JK may make a greater contribution to our country as a strong, able Senator – with his grasp of technology and grassroots that he has had to learn both by fire and by circumstance. While he may not be a progressive’s dream candidate, he is a person that others listen and look to for guidance – at least until the next election is over.

I thank JK for taking the chance to be our President. While he did not win the election, he certainly learned a lot of lessons that all of us have taken to heart – and use to our benefit. Keep on with your support JK – we appreciate it.

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