Secretary of State Bill Clinton?

Presidents Clinton?

In a conversation over the holidays, I was chatting with some political handicappers (some people fixate on baseball stats, others on football, I am beginning to love political stats) and we were talking about the Edward announcement and the pending Hillary announcement. But with the standard evaluation of “she has the money, the policy chops and the drive/organization, will she win?” discussion, thoughts turned to there other assets (or liabilities, depending on whom you ask).

Being an engineer, I am loath to make any grand statements on “first time in history” ilk, but the tendency to wonder what a second Clinton White House would be like is an interesting puzzle. With former President Clinton becoming the First Gentleman (or is it First Man or is it First Husband?), there is such a wealth of talent and capability within those walls. With President Clinton’s incredible energy in the Clinton Global Initiative and with an eye on repairing the damage done over the last six to (at the time) eight years of draconian, aggressive, neo-con rule, whom else than President Clinton to be the Secretary of State, in conjunction with the Vice President to rectify and build strong relationships with our partners abroad?

Impact of natural disasters will take precedence
As I watch the VCs in the Valley ponying up money for green solutions and the continuing growth of awareness of the impact of our impact on the global environment (have never expected a NYE when I could wear a light sweater and jacket), we will need a champion that can coerce and engage global leaders to make the changes necessary. From all intents and purposes, President Clinton (42) will be a strong ally for President Clinton (44) in accomplishing the goals abroad. And, with Senator Clinton’s growth in domestic policy work and Homeland Security, I think the one, two, three punch (including the VP) will be an amazing impact on the coming years.

This is a vision worth being excited for. 42 works on global initiatives – especially for global warming, while 44 works on domestic and military initiatives. While there may be challenges in the sale of Senator Clinton to the Right or the Progressive Left – I think she will be quite the formidable challenger that all others will be compared to. And, in coming days, I will give an assessment on each leading campaign’s web/Internet presence as we move forward.

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  1. Bill Clinton can only be Secretary of State if Hillary Clinton is NOT the president. Federal law prohibits presidents from appointing family members to cabinet posts. That’s why Hillary was not appointed Secretary of HHS when Bill was in the White House.

    This is an LBJ-era law, as a reaction to the appointment of Bobby as Jack Kennedy’s AG.

    That said, your argument is a good one. Bill wouldn’t need to be SOS in order to be a sort of global ambassador-at-large for President Hillary.

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