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Gina Gershon doing Sarah Palin

Okay, so maybe this is funny – may it is not. But way too much fun for me to not add to this blog:

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DNC08 – Is *this* the Year of the Internet?

An interview at the Big Tent Denver where Rachel Maddow interviews Eric Schmidt, CEO of Google, Inc and his thoughts on is this the Year of the Internet in politics. Continue reading

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The Real McCain….kind of scary

A friend of mine sent me this link to the video below. And, if it does not concern you – then you are not focused on the campaign. But then again, it is well-worth the watchif you want to learn about the real McCain. Continue reading

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Looking for a few good Democratic developers…

The Obama Campaign is looking for creative, smart people who are willing to work long hours to be part of an effort that will not just win an election, but change the way campaigns are run. If you find someone who doesn’t have the requisite years of experience, but believes they can fill the spot, please encourage them to apply anyway. Continue reading

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Does three Repub losses foretell a Blue Wave in 2008?

I am not worried about Obama and his past, since he is operating on change, his history and the Dems history is very different and can not be attributed to each other (as the Repubs discovered in the Mississippi election). But, that does not mean the Repubs will not find ways of using the Democratic Congress’s own stories against them – including the lack of performance on the issues of the day that mattered to the people that got them elected. Continue reading

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