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Making the Grade: John McCain

This is a bit of a disappointment – from the front-runner of the Republicans, especially making a claim of being the leader in the online engagement effort. Even their site is missing basic search engine fundamentals and has a major risk feature – aside from their personalization sites. One lesson learned in the 2004 election was to not place a search box on the website, since google already provides it, it takes up unnecessary space, exposes mistakes if not tracked properly and the feature is almost superfluous. And, in looking at the code behind the webpages, it is going to be difficult to have google crawl through. A poor showing, IMHO. Senator McCain, I look forward to your future revisions. Continue reading

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Making the Grade: HillaryClinton.com

At first blush, Hillary’s site kind of looks like a simple re-templating of her Senate site – maintaining the some of the lighter blues of her past campaign site – and adding the requisite navy blues and red necessary for a “presidential” site. Upon the launch, one of the major colors that you saw was the color pink – look at the videos during the initial announcement launch – and watch as the candidate changes the color of her outfits from a purely pink then adding the blues of the jacket, to the total blue suit outfit – all while still being in front of the homestead looking room. Funny thing – when I first saw the launch, especially with the new catch phrase, “Let the Conversation Begin”, I knew Peter Daou had to navigate the Communications Team to coordinate that one. Continue reading

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