Washington and Michigan Success

Well – Washington and Michigan has come in – and JK has blown it away. Unbeleiveable. I still, no matter how many people tell me that JK is the nominee – I am not completely bought off until I see Florida, California or New York won (call it silly naivete). Once that is done, I think it is the best to keep a moderate thought. Though, people have chats about – even if JK were to have a “mistake”, “misstep”, or something – Edwards is better positioned than HD. Which makes me think – we need to make sure that the Dean
supporters learn more about the JK effort and to understand what JK.com and our team have been doing since the beginning.

To that end, I am heading to San Diego to go to the O’Reilly conference this afternoon (enjoying a late flight to catch people) and I will be there on Monday to connect. If anything can happen – it will be the chance to help people and get them to understand the efforts we are focusing on – and the input/help we could use. And to that end, I think I am going to open up the demtech Group to allow people to join and become part of the discussion – since the CTOs were unable to connect – I will attempt another way. Maybe – Adina’s solution (using the SocialText wiki) will finally come to light. I will write some things up on my way out there – the idea of connecting will happen – and the challenge will be in organizing and find the people to help make this happen. We have been working on it – now is the time to get the memes out there.

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