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Midterms 2018 – Florida Candidates and Editorial Roundup

It has been a long time since I have posted – for the past four years, I have been building another company addressing the needs of parents and their home security. During the last Presidential Election, I made sure my … Continue reading

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Broward Soil & Water Conservation District, Dist. 4 for 2014

So, once again, we find ourselves with the upcoming election and people are on the search for what is the Broward Soil & Water Conservation District seat? And who are these people we are considering? For your personal reading, here … Continue reading

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John Stewart: Why Campaigns are Better than Government

Listening to yesterday’s The Daily Show, I watched Aneesh Chopra speak with John Stewart about the challenges government faces with “legacy systems”, “legacy databases” and “20 year efforts” and watched John’s eyes glaze over. Let’s see if we can explain the problem. Continue reading

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Politics in a World of Social Data – who knows what about whom?

I believe the 2012 Election will be about the next step in behavioural targeting using click-stream and social graph in a way that allows for influencer marketing to create returns like never before.

Campaigns will use metrics that will drive performance for funding, for sentiment and for votes – but in a more targeted fashion like never before. The Obama Campaign does not only have a technical team working, but a video production team, a slew of copywriters and a host of designers. I can only imagine that they are on the level of a independent studio in creating appropriate Artifacts for this campaign. Continue reading

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Republicans Sites are so non-inspiring…

Been having some fun while being across the pond – watching the coverage out in New Hampshire. Decided to take a look at some of the sites of the candidates that have not had the cash to build a campaign. So, enjoy my opinions. Continue reading

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