Sweet Smell of Success

It has been some time since I wrote about the campaign – and things that has been happening. Events like Super Tuesday were quite astounding – especially when Edwards decided to drop out. Then, the following day, the outpouring of donations has been so large that we broke all fundraising records – exceeding $1M in a 18 hour period – when all is said and done – we willhave come close to $2M in one 24 hour period – this with the help of Moveon.org and other supporters.

Now – with the nomination “sown up” – the question becomes how to handle the Bush juggernaught – and how to defend against his attacks. In addition, there is the need to demonstrate why JK is the person to be president given all of the opposition that the Bush machine is going to launch at him. His record is nuanced – but Bush likes to talk “black and white”. Pundits and advisors love to say that the American public is only into these kind of statements – but can we leverage the Internet to demonstrate the nuance – and keep JK above the fray and speaking on the “vision” messages?

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