Funny stories about Bush tech in White House

Sorry, but after posting my video – friends pointed out lots of articles on how “antiquated” the White House tech was when moving in.

Sorry folks – but if you think the Obama Administration had no clue about the tech/software issues before they walked in – you must not be one of those “tech-savvy” people Owen Thomas talks about who live within “the Manhattan media bubble and Silicon Valley’s startup cube farms”.

Whenever I walk into an office – one of the first things I notice are the computers and the software that is on the screens. It is very easy to notice if someone is on a Mac or a PC – and you can see whether or not the bullpen is running LCDs versus CRTs.

Sorry – but the tempest is not worthy of the sniggering – the truth is, the Obama Admin is going to renovate the technology and the solutions within. Third day started today – it takes corporates (and startups) a little time to allocate budget and get systems/solutions installed.

Give the White House a break. If I walked into a company with tools designed for the 20th Century and was trying to connect to people within the 21st networked Century, I might need a little time to rearchitect the solutions.

[EDITOR NOTE: I have both PCs (IBM and Dell) and Macs (Powerbook G4 and a new MacBook Pro) and bang on in Linux (Red Hat and Ubuntu)]

Image via Futurenow/Robert Gorell

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