Early Voting Locations in Broward County (2010)

So, something made me laugh when I got an email from Kendrick Meek about Early Voting locations. I clicked on his link and ended up on a very colorful picture of the state of Florida which, once you click on Broward County, it gives you a tabular form of the Early Voting locations.

Sorry guys, but that is a big 2010 Internet FAIL.

Allow me to help my fellow Broward County brethren and provide a google Map of all of the Early Voting locations in Broward.

View Broward County Early Voting Locations (2010) in a larger map

All you have to do is click on the blue pin that is close to where you live. If this one is too small – simply click on the Broward County Early Voting Locations (2010) link and you can see them in all of their glory.

Note: the locations open tomorrow and are available until October 30th. And, the hours for Early Voting in Broward are from 11am to 7pm, Monday thru Saturday.

P.S. All it took me was a simple Map on google Maps and 10 minutes of transferring addresses to the system. {{{poof!}}}

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