Michelle Rhee to resign – why is it so difficult to make a difference?

Reading the news today on the Atlantic Wire, I was saddened to see Chancellor Michelle Rhee having to resign after the new mayor for Washington DC was elected.

I have been impressed with Ms. Rhee’s enthusiasm and vigor in attempting to reshape DC’s school system – and am saddened that she is having to leave DC at the point she is. Change often takes a long time to occur – and seeing the fruits of a labor for children – especially in teaching – is only seen after a generation, not after 12 to 18 months. Unfortunately, Ms. Rhee did not get that chance here. But I hope that her next post gives her a chance to show her stuff.

And I ask the Obama Administration – will you stand up and respect the contract you made with DC Schools and their children – by ensuring that the plans created and designed by Chancellor Rhee are kept when you complete the awarding of the Race to the Top grant? I hope so.

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