Civicspace moves to Compumentor

Just got a couple of press releases from Zack Rosen in the past seven days – first, announcing the launch of the alpha version of the hosted version of Civicspace (see them at Then, today, Zack announced the “fiscal sponsorship” of the non-profit arm of Civicspace – working through the auspicies of Compumentor. With Kieron and Andrew leading the for-profit arm and Zack doing what he does well (evangelising) – we shall see how the next phases of Civicspace works out. I, for one, am very interested in seeing how Civicspace (hosted) competes against the likes of Convio, Kintera, GetActive, OrchidForChange, DIA and others in the space.

I am a *big* fan of the open-source/shared building premise that Civicspace offers – sharing the technology across the universe of Drupal developers. But the challenge is how to drive the community of developers toward what will deliver for particular constituencies. It will take time to develop a fully-fleshed product and then to establish the brand (as Kieron and Andrew are working on) but the challenge tends to be the market opportunities – and how things will drive development priorities. I anxiously await the next stages of development…

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