Election Day – where will you be?

While my work may be focused elsewhere, I still feel that you should go out and vote whenever and wherever you can. Today, if you have come to the site for my coverage on the Florida’s Governor race, you should go to the following sites for information on polling sites:

  • Jim Davis’ site – this page has all of the links to each of the Election Supervisors – and their websites.
  • Florida Division of Elections – Crist redirects you here, as does Davis, but neither make it easy to find your polling place.

If you are here for the NY-29th, then you should use the following to find your polling place:

  • Vote411.org – a terrific site which has ALL of the polling locations (which the earlier links do not provide)

Whatever you do, make sure you get out and vote this cycle – it is about make a change happen in the country, and while it does not have the glamour of a Presidential election, it is still a very important one. Go out and create a great country.

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