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Summary of Florida/State Wide Elections Editorials for 2010

Last election, I posted my summary of the Editorial opinions of the Miami Herald and the Sun Sentinel. So, for my readers, allow me to provide their opinions on the state-wide contests and then a post on the Amendments and the Broward County Ballot Questions. Continue reading

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Florida changing to January 29th…

Reading the local papers, see that Florida has decided to change the date to January 29th for the primaries. All that is left to be done is have Governor Charlie Crist sign off on the bill to finalize this move. Continue reading

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Election Day – where will you be?

Whatever you do, make sure you get out and vote this cycle – it is about make a change happen in the country, and while it does not have the glamour of a Presidential election, it is still a very important one. Go out and create a great country. Continue reading

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Final Florida Governors Debate

Davis did well for his public speaking skill set. He must have worked on his attack – and kept “Charlie” down with the use of the diminutive over and over again. For some reason, when he spoke, “Charlie” sounded like an insult instead of his name. Linn was sort of the Al Sharpton of this debate – coming up with lines, and I wish he had been better prepared. And Crist – well, not very interesting – very much like the politician he seems. All I can say is I think Davis did well, but I am still fearful of having another Davis as my governor – I hope he is better than Gray. Continue reading

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Finally – Florida Governor’s Debate at Nova

After the debate – there was not much said – and very little that you could see where one slipped up or said anything different. I wish candidates would understand that people want to understand that they mean and spell it out simply. Davis is saddled with being a Congressman – he has a small staff (no more than six staffers, most under 30) and can only do so much. Running for public office across the state of Florida is a lot different than running across a district. Crist has a much larger, more professional staff, so he could campaign and amass a record without having the attendance “hit”. The shame of it all – all I got out of the debates was that Crist is a great public speaker and that Davis is the thoughtful, albeit stiff, Democratic candidate. Jim – please get more media training – and learn to emote more. Continue reading

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