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Political Technology Answers for a Research Questionaire

I was contacted by a researcher in the past two weeks to get some thoughts on the technologies for political campaigns this year. Thought the answers to these questions might be interesting to my readership. Enjoy. Continue reading

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Government By the People 2.0

Tonight, I spent the evening listening to a number of people discussing the future of the Obama Administration and how technology may enable it. I live-blogged the event and provide my transcript below: NYSIA January Monthly Meeting: Government By the … Continue reading

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The Difference between Change and Control

On the latest Yi-Tan Tech Conference Call, Jerry Michalski sent us a link to a terrific visual that literally says it all (from Gong Szeto’s blog):

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A moment when time(s square) stood still.

President-elect Obama – you have the weight of a Nation on your shoulders. Bear it well and with the courage you spoke of. This is your time to show America – and the world – what it truly means to be a leader.

Thank you for that moment sir. I think I know now what my family spoke of when Jack Kennedy became President. It has been an honor being part of this moment of history. Continue reading

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Florida Election Ballot Special

Simply put – wanted to thank all of my readers who have written me and commented on the posts for this election. To make it easier to find answers to your questions, I wanted to provide a link to all of the posts for your information. Continue reading

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