Florida Election Ballot Special

Simply put – wanted to thank all of my readers who have written me and commented on the posts for this election. To make it easier to find answers to your questions, I wanted to provide a link to all of the posts for your information.

Broward County Charter Initiatives

Broward County Charter Initiatives – details on the changes to the Broward County Charter

Florida Constitutional Amendments

Florida Amendments – details on the proposed changes to the Florida Constitution

Elected Officials

Elected Officials – summary of the Presidential Election, for Florida Congressional District 19 and the Broward Sheriff

Oliver Parker vs Fred Segal

Oliver Parker vs Fred Segal – information on the Broward County Soil and Water Conservation District, Seat 3

This has been one of the more popular posts – especially since both candidates decided not to campaign for this seat. I was able to get Mr. Segal to respond, but I have yet to hear from Mr. Parker.

Christine Jennings vs Vern Buchanan

Christine Jennings vs Vern Buchanan – information on the Florida Congressional District 13 race in Sarasota, Florida.

Update November 5th at noon: Congratulations to Sheriff Lamberti on his successful win (at least as far as I know today).  As for Mr. Parker, congratulations – and I sincerely hope you leverage Mr. Segal to help Broward County.  He is a good man and can be of great service to the community.

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