Florida moving on up…

State Senator Jeremy RingI go to bed with one thought and awake to another. Reading the New York Times, I saw the following article on Florida’s work on moving the date of their primary:

The Senate is taking more time to study the pros and cons, said Senator Jeremy Ring, a Democrat from Parkland who is sponsoring a Senate version of the proposal.

Still, Mr. Ring said the Senate would most “likely” endorse the leap to Jan. 29 by the time the legislative session ends in May. The Senate‚Äôs current bill calls for moving the primary to Feb. 19, but Mr. Ring said that date was serving as a placeholder while lawmakers debate the issue.

“Right now it looks like Jan. 29 would be more favorable,” he said from Tallahassee. “One thing you can be sure of is that Florida will be relevant during the primaries.”

Jeremy is a powerful force when it comes to his vision – I was proud to work with him in his run and think his vision on building up the back-benches for the Democrats is important. This move to bring the Florida primary up will increase Florida’s influence in the process, one I also think is long overdue.

Here’s to wishing the State Senate well in making the decision.

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