Gotta love the “New York Post”

New York Post

On the subway today and I happen to glance over at the seat next to me. Someone left a NYPost sitting there – and I decide to pass the time away, reading the articles. I forgot how insane this paper is (and how right-wing it can be) until I read the following article:


March 19, 2007 — HANOVER, N.H. – Global warming, blamed for melting polar bears’ icy Arctic habitat, could be a boon to the shipping and oil industries in the far north, according to a new report.

The dramatic decrease in sea ice above the Arctic Circle means that formerly impenetrable shipping routes are now open or soon could be for much of the year, the U.S. Arctic Research Commission wrote in a report released last week at an Arctic-scientist summit in Hanover.

“[This will] significantly shorten global marine transportation routes,” says the report, prepared for President Bush and Congress.

Beyond shipping, less sea ice means easier access for offshore oil exploration and drilling in the Arctic, which is thought to contain about 25 percent of the world’s remaining oil and gas reserves, the report said.

But with increased prospecting for oil and gas, the report noted, the risk of spills also rises, spurring the need for new clean-up technologies.

Hey – finally, an upside to the melting ice caps! Easier for the tankers to get more oil to us and allow us to lower the price on oil (yeah, right!). Can someone please tell the editors at the NYPost that they need to get their priorities straight? I mean, really, a report on the positive effects of global warming? Well, it was a warm winter this year – and I throughly enjoyed the late snow this weekend in New York City. Did the Groundhog see his shadow this year?

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  1. Koth93 says:

    Not that there’s is anyone who doesn’t know that political discourse in this country has dropped to a ethical level just below professional wrestling, still, articles like this shock! I’ve spent so much time reading things like this, and items about how Gore is a hypocrite because of his mansion, and it’s all because his position on global warming is fact based and no one has a real rebuttal. When one side cannot refute, they have to spin or attack from another angle.

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