If you wanted a community organizer….

Noel (noneck) Hidalgo….and needed a recommendation, can I suggest a friend of mine from New York City.

Noel (known by his friends as “noneck”) has been a staunch advocate of coworking (Change You Want to See), Democratic ideals and has been incredibly busy with supporting Obama and his personal enthusiasms for a better world (read his blog).

He is looking for a “community organizer” role – specifically in New York City – with a new-media bent. Rather than spelling it in my words, let me use his post for clarity:

I (noneck) will be…

  • Working with a team that empowers people and educates them on community media techniques
  • Working with online and offline communities to further unify the global connections we all share
  • In a position to explore artistic creativity, hone multimedia production skills and explore innovative outreach techniques
  • Working with an organization that has a track record of innovation and is willing to fully document techniques for all to enjoy
  • Working with an organization that desires new partnerships to test out theories of empowerment and communication
  • And….this position should be located in New York City and allows for flex workspace (I will have to travel.)

Any takers? His resume is found here: http://noneck.org/RESUME_HidalgoNoel.pdf

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2 Responses to If you wanted a community organizer….

  1. noel says:

    thanks so much!

  2. MARLYNA says:

    god be with you for your kindness.

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