Alternative Realities: Obama’s Admin versus Bartlet’s

After having a fun fest with watching “The West Wing” these past few weeks on BRAVO – I was amused when the New York Times released this promo spread from the magazine.

In reading through the article and looking at the photos, I wondered “Who are their counterparts in the Bartlet Administration?” And, after a liberal use of IMDB (thanks Amazon), some Photoshop and some heavy-duty HTMLing, I offer a scorecard from the first Bartlet Administration and (hopefully) the first Obama Administration.

Credits: all photos of Obama Staffers are from Nadav Kander and The West Wing (TWW) photos are either from the web in general or from IMDB. Click more to see the photo comparisons.

 Obama Admin: Rahm Emanuel
TWW Admin: Leo McGarity (played by John Spencer)

Chief of Staff

 Obama Admin: Jim Messina and Mona Sutphen
TWW Admin: Josh Lyman (played by Bradley Whitford)

Deputy Chief of Staff

 Obama Admin: Ellen Moran
TWW Admin: Toby Ziegler (played by Richard Schiff)

Communications Director

 Obama Admin: Danier Pfeiffer
TWW Admin: Sam Seaborn (played by Rob Lowe)

Deputy Communications Director

 Obama Admin: Robert Gibbs
TWW Admin: CJ Craig (played by Allison Janney)

Press Secretary

 Obama Admin: Gregory Craig
TWW Admin: Oliver Babish (played by Oliver Pratt) and
Lionel Tribbey (played by John Larroquette)

White House Counsel

 Obama Admin: James Jones
TWW Admin: Nancy McNally (played by Anna Deavere Smith)

National Security Advisor

 Obama Admin: Reggie Love
TWW Admin: Charlie Young (played by Dulé Hill)

President’s Personal Assistant/Body Man

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