Listening in on the Open Government Meetup at NWC

Credit: Marquina Iliev

I have been enjoying feeling a bit of déjà vu watching a bunch of people at New Work City discussing the issues of Open Government in NYC (four years ago, a similar group gathered at an office to discuss Andrew’s run for Public Advocate at the time). Convened by Matthew Cooperrider, a group of people including Noel Hidalgo (part of the State Senate office of the CIO), Andrew Rasiej (from PDF), Nancy Scola (from, Britt Blaser (from iYear), Lou Klepner, Alex Linsker and many others.

After a brief introduction to everyone’s background and interests – the group began to discuss various ideas about what they think Open Government is about.

Thoughts about what the purpose of this was:

  • working groups
  • needs/resources
  • specific causes
  • project-based meetups
  • a support network
  • education
  • PAC
  • give voice to collaborators on the inside
  • develop a manifesto

We adjourned with a discussion on connecting in a couple of weeks with a “manifesto” and begin to better focus some of the groups efforts.

Signup for the google group at :

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