Another thought on Obama and the vision of Hope

by Tom Tomorrow

by Tom Tomorrow

What has me thinking is – where is the direct impacting investments?

Why did the Cash for Clunkers not actually be directed for better gas-mileage, lower polluting cars versus just any car?

Why has the TARP investment now not focused the energies on freeing credit for small business and rather resolving the issues of the accounting rules to ensure solvency?

Why does the Fed allow for big banks to borrow at incredibly low rates, but charge exorbitant rates on small and medium size business loans? An article in the Financial Times on August 2nd had me thinking about how the bigger banks are leveraging their position in the market where they are the gatekeepers to the American market for small and medium sized businesses and consumers.

The sad part is – with their need to generate profits – are they forgetting that the situation that is being created is still driving to an imbalance that will need to be rectified?

Will someone please stand up and point this out – without the usual partisan rhetoric?

When will the situation turn around?

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    I’m loving it!

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