Thoughts on Alex Sink for Florida Governor

Sink for Governor emailSo – imaging my surprise when I get my email this morning (with one of my emails I gave to the Barack Obama Campaign) – but a letter from Paul Dunn, Alex Sink’s Campaign Manager (via the Florida Dems email list).


One of the things I never truly enjoy is getting emails from other lists – I would have been happier if they had reached me through other means, but it looks like the Obama list is being rented out to other Democratic candidates (or someone is migrating them?).

As for Mrs. Sink – I am a big fan. I spoke with her years ago when she was running for CFO and even created a proposal for her and her campaign. I knew she would win then (she was the best candidate for the job – and had solid managerial experience that we sorely need in Florida).

Today, with her candidacy on the ascendancy in Florida, I think there is a true opportunity to have a business-minded person in the Governors seat. Mrs. Sink has demonstrated solid management experience both in the public and private sector.

I know I will be voting for Mrs. Sink in the Fall.

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4 Responses to Thoughts on Alex Sink for Florida Governor

  1. OK She is a Dem and you want to work for her for money, I get that.

    But actually as Chief Financial Officer, didn’t she really screw up Florida something royal?

    As for her experience as a senior corporate officer for Bank America, duh! Isn’t B of A bankruot and scandal ridden and had to be saved from its mismanagement by the Republican bailout under Paulson?

    Oooh, a pun! Female manager, mismanagement?

    If she is Florida’s Governor, will the Feds have to bail out Florida.

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  4. Sanford says:

    Judy –

    Truthfully – yes, I was interested in working with Alex and no, my commentary was based on my understanding of her and what she could potentially bring to the role of Governor. At present, my plate is full and I am not working for any candidates this year due to my private business clients. I left the post up simply because I do believe she would be the best candidate for the role out of the slate of candidates running.

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