WTF has Obama Done for Us So Far?

As I am watching 60 Minutes with President Obama speaking on the past week and I am blown away that people seem to stick to the wrong narrative.

I wish that Obama and the DNC/DCCC/DSCC spoke on what the last two years have accomplished for us.

Take a look here:

And then, take a look at what the next fight will be about:

What happens if we extend the tax cuts...

Above image from Ezra Klein at the Washington Post.

Should we keep the Bush tax cuts or drop them? Can someone on the right please tell me how our country moves forward with this debt?

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2 Responses to WTF has Obama Done for Us So Far?

  1. Lynn Allen says:

    Right on!!! What you have done is phenomenal and critically important!

    I am more and more alarmed at what I see from the right. The crazies are coming out of the woodwork – this time from the Republican party. They do not seem to care about what happens to our country, our economy, the general welfare of our nation, our infrastructure, our educational system, our senior citizens, the poor, our environment, the rule of law…. and I really do fear for our democracy if we cannot be more effective in getting the truth out. What you have done is very important. Thank you!

  2. Anesti Kalagidis says:

    I believe President Obama and the rest of the Democrats throughout the country are working for the American people and trying to stop the corruption of the lobbyists and the Republican Party.

    I feel the Republican Party is the new organized crime/mafia. They are working for the elite citizens of the country which is a very small number, but they are most of the wealthy people. The programs the democrats have tried to pass and have passed will help the country and the middle class who drive the economy.

    If they do not have money to invest then the corporations will suffer as well. The corruption needs to stop and the republicans who have integrity need to stand up to the people within their party who are corrupting this country with there propaganda.

    People like John Baynard, Glen Beck, Rush Limbaugh, Bill O’Rielly, John Kasich and many others are on the payroll of the corrupt republicans who have power and leverage with their social status and wealth throughout the country.

    They are doing a great disservice to this country and the citizens who are making an honest living. They are ruling by the golden rule, those who have the gold rule. They need to get out of the public life because they are not a positive influence in this country.

    The same thing is happening now like it did when the King of England tried to control the wealth of the colonies. The corporations, the elite republicans and their lobbyist can be compared to the King of England. That’s why the liberals who built this country stood up. They did not like the big government and its being masked by the Republican Party. They are the King of England. We need to uphold our constitution and not be fooled by the corruption of republican propaganda.

    Wake up America.

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