Are the Senate Repugs are setting the stage for a 9/11 rescue next year…

After I got home watching TRON: Legacy, I turned on the DVR and started watching the last Daily Show of the season. And what I saw sickened me.

In the 111th Congress, the Senate Republicans are still filibustering over the James Zadroga 9/11 Health and Compensation Act. After their continued use of 9/11 in the past nine years, I am sickened at the acts of the Senate Republicans and their insane delays. And then to note that none of the major news outlets even set any time to this particular outrage.

Maybe they are being smart, since the Repugs could be thinking that they will only stay for this bill but avoid the DADT? I assume they are afraid because if it comes to the floor, the Dems might add an amendment to that bill that the Repugs would not want – such as DADT.

Can someone get their head out of their a$$ and get this issue resolved? At least before the Repugs could use this as a big deal in the 112th Congress next year?

UPDATE: looks like things worked out in the end.

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