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Thoughts on Bipartisan Healthcare, Filibusters and Reconciliation

I was watching the Sunday morning political chatfests and it reminded me why I worry about the future of our republic.

When I got heavily involved in the political process, I was so upset at how the Bush Administration had destroyed American credibility abroad with the folly of the attack of Iraq, the snub of our responsibilities on the world stage with regard to our place as a world citizen and the general “holier than thou” attitude when dealing with issues that could seriously impact the entire world, not just within our borders (e.g. climate change). Continue reading

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Will the Networks learn faster than politicos?

Networks should take from this experience (like we did in politics) is to work with the viewers and allow them to engage with each other. There are many techniques that can be implemented to truly engage the users above and beyond their initial interest. Build the relationship – and continue the conversation. Continue reading

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