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Political Lunch: On Mail In Broward Ballots and Twitter Vote Report

During my trip, I visited the Hudson Street Studios and filmed an episode of Political Lunch with Rob Millis to talk about the Broward mail-in ballot, the joys of the “bubbie patrol” and the exciting efforts of the Twitter Vote Report team (#votereport). Continue reading

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Summary of Florida Constitutional Amendments 2008 Ballot

This post provides a summary of the 2008 Florida Amendment Ballot which includes explanations, endorsements from the Miami Herald and the Fort Lauderdale Sun Sentinel. Continue reading

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Summary of the Florida/Broward 2008 Ballot

So this time, I decided – why not make a cheat sheet on how to find the answers to the different ballot measures that you might need to research. Spending time on google is one thing, spending it on six different elected offices, six statewide amendments and ten county initiatives is quite another…

I am going to list all of the elected positions on this post, and then summarize the amendments and county initiatives on another. And to help in making a choice, I am going to include the opinions of the two major papers of the area. Continue reading

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