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Personal Democracy Forum ’06

This past Monday, while in the midst of a campaign, I had a prior commitment to a friend to help the Personal Democracy Forum to do their podcasting and speak on the panel, “Free, Easy and/or Cheap Tools That Anyone Can Use”. After a terrific conference with various speakers which included NY Attorney General Eliot Spitzer, Markos from Daily Kos, Jerome Armstrong (formerly of myDD), Congressman Anthony Weiner, Joe Trippi and a host of other luminaries in the political and technology world – it was said that this conference was a resounding success. Continue reading

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Personal Democracy Forum – May 15th

This year, the Personal Democracy Forum is being held in New York City at the CUNY Graduate Center.

This year, the keynote speaker is Attorney General Elliot Spitzer, candidate for Governor of New York with Jerome Armstrong and Markos Moulitsas signing their book, “Crashing the Gate”. Continue reading

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