Personal Democracy Forum – May 15th

This year, the Personal Democracy Forum is being held in New York City at the CUNY Graduate Center.

This year, the keynote speaker is Attorney General Elliot Spitzer, candidate for Governor of New York with Jerome Armstrong and Markos Moulitsas signing their book, “Crashing the Gate”.

Various topics will be discussed, including

  • Opening Plenary: The Changing Nature of Political Media
    With Merrill Brown moderating, Chuck Defeo, Joshua Marshall,
    Chris Nolan, David L. Sifry, and Ben Smith
  • How Campaigning Online Will Affect Who Will Win in 2006
    With Matt Bai (moderator), Jonathan Garthwaite, Markos Moulitsas, Joe Rospars, and Patrick Ruffini discussing the potential impact of online campaigns
  • “Net Neutrality” or “Hands Off the Internet”
    A debate with Susan Crawford, Stephen Effros, Timothy Karr, Chris Wolf and Congressman Anthony Wiener moderating
  • The Rising Power of Local Political Blogs
    Conversations with local political bloggers and their tactics on how to influence campaigns within the local community
  • To Blog or Not to Blog
    Should campaigns or advocacy organizations adopt a blogging strategy, and if so, how to do it right.
  • How to Win Friends and Influence People in the Blogosphere
    Developing smart relations, and how to deal with a “blog-swarm.”
  • Fundraising Best Practices
    How to turn supporters into donors, how to choose the right fundraising software, mistakes to avoid.
  • Making Online Work Offline and in the Field
    How to use your list to strengthen your field and communication operations and vice versa.
  • Why Your Website is Probably Obsolete (And How to Fix it)
    Top political website designers will show what works, and what doesn’t (submit your own site for discussion, if you dare).
  • Online Political Advertising With, and Without, Money
    Where to spend your money (i.e. Flash movies? Google ads? Blogs?), and how to get attention cheap, or for free.
  • Is Online Video More Powerful Than TV Advertising?
    Do you YouTube? Hear from pioneering videobloggers and top campaign strategists who are integrating interactive video into their efforts.
  • MySpace for Politics
    How campaigns and advocacy groups can use online social network platforms to create powerful political communities.
  • Regulating Online Politics? The FEC, Bloggers and Campaigns
    Will the feds crack down on online politics and should they? The experts speak.
  • TxtMessaging and Mobile Politics
    The Next Generation Platform: Hear from leaders in the rising field of phone-based fundraising and mobilization on what’s over the horizon.
  • Free, Easy or Cheap Tools That Anyone Can Use
    Working on a small budget? You can practically run an organization or campaign for free with these tools.

Feel free to signup – and when you so, tell them that you were sent by me – and I believe there is a discount avaiilable.

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