Liveblogging the First Presidential Debate

Watching the debate on BBS (no commentary, what a great way of listening) while in Bangkok, Thailand:

My twitter feed (chronologically reversed):

  • McCain hits with the “on the job training” bullet. But Obama gave me a vision of hope, not of fear.
  • @MSSS McCain is hitting hard well, Obama is doing the measured, thoughtful Presidential leadership. Cannot become the angry black man.
  • RT @shayera shorter McCain: I’ve been around for a really long time. I’m old!
  • Wow – McCain is able to bring up his differences with Bush – but 90% of his votes were WITH Bush. That is what matters.
  • Obama keeps being polite – where is the bareknuckle politics? McCain is a now into his Navy swagger. Uggh!
  • @lizzy7577 Sorry – we have him until the election – at least. I think Disney Imagineering is behind this (ref: Hall of Presidents)
  • In general, that beat-down by McCain gave him that chat. Hate the fact that McCain is becoming the Jewish choice. Please! No.
  • “existential threat to Israel” – what? And now a reference of the Holocast – sheesh. McCain is working the retirees.
  • Obama: I got a bracelet too. Sheesh. This is frustrating. How you will connect with the future – not just the past.
  • Was wondering when Ronny Raygun would get called. Thanks McCain – BINGO!
  • @AdamHouston McCain is not smirking – he is keeping his “game face” on.
  • McCain keeps throwing out comments and “factoids”. Give a man the podium and he can make anything sound “credible”.
  • Blows my mind – McCain will not even look at Obama. He is worried about losing track I guess.
  • Wow – McCain just channelled Dick Nixon “return with victory and honor”. Help us please.
  • #debate08 I can hear the Repugs “700K jobs if we build nuclear plants” but they will not hear “by 2030”. Please.
  • #debate08 Obama speaks on global competition, McCain speaks on inside baseball within Washington/Defense spending. Sheesh.
  • #debate08 No change in priorities from Obama. McCain slams Obama as too-far left. Sheesh. Obama – slam him please.
  • #debate08 What the f*ck – McCain is pushing the flip-flop on to Obama. What?!? Obama – get angry or clip the man!
  • #debate08 Oi – can we get beyond the ornamental spending? Sheesh. Granted, @johnmccain is getting his energy.
  • @johnmccain keeps pointing out his age – think he is trying to connect to the retirees?
  • @johnmccain can not answer the question. What is the difference btwn yours and his plan? Control spending? Did he not see Obama’s plan?
  • #debate08 Why are they not talking to each other? Now is the time. @johnmccain is tired and not hitting the points. Oi!
  • Great: McDaddy @johnmccain is coming into the house and going to spank everyone. Where is the confidence? Where is the leadership?
  • @barackobama Why only focus on causes – I get the bad Repugs. How will we SOLVE the problem?
  • Okay: @johnmccain is about removing dependence on foreign oil. Oi! What about the plan?
  • Yippee! @johnmccain is on the bipartisan bandwagon
  • Oi! @johnmccain what’s your plan dude?
  • @gregmcneilly Agreed. about 2 hours ago from Election 2008 in reply to gregmcneilly
  • 1) Oversight, 2) Taxpayers get money back, 3) No CEO golden parachutes, 4) Help homeowners

(….midway though the debate – see my commentary on twitter)

Wish Obama would pause. He has so much in his head and wants to hit all of the points. But he is not emphasizing where he could.

McCain has been trained not to look at Obama – makes sure he does not loose his temper. He keeps throwing out comments and “factoids” which no one is challenging aside from Obama. Must be nice – give a man the podium and he can make anything sound “credible”.

McCain says “You don’t say that out loud.” Ummm – is it not an issue of transparency? The idea of a shadow government without transparency is what I want to CHANGE! And from twitter: “RT: @cdny – McCain just said you don’t say you attack Pakistan out loud. Really? Didn’t Palin say she’d go to war with Russia?!?!”

McCain is doing a reasonable job in appealing to particular people who do not care about the issues, but will hit on the fear and emotions of the military. What is saddening is that he is not talking about the future – he is only talking about the past and how he was emotionally connecting.

Great – so now the argument is that Obama did not travel to Afghanistan and McSame did – but Obama has been a Senator, running for Senator and then running for President. Love the game.

[Re: Iran] Obama and wanting to connect with the leader of Iran (not spelling that name). Then points out the Kissinger suggested the connection. But the challenge Obama has is that the perception of his statement is that he was willing to allow a “terrorist” to come to the White House with no preconditions. But, the idea is to begin talks – at least, with lower level – not just Presidential. But Obama got slapped down by McCain. Very disappointing.

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