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Obama: Presidential, McCain: Brawler, American People: which?

IMHO – McCain came out looking like the fiesty brawler, Obama came out looking like the statesman. I want Obama in office, because I believe that his judgment will be the one I trust the best – since not everything can be summarized into partisan soundbites. But, I also want someone who – in front of a worldwide audience can smack down someone with the right kind of style and panache that will demonstrate it to us as a whole that he will take on the “baddies” of the world and be the leader of the Free World.

My favorite part of the debate was Obama’s last statements where he talked about looking beyond the lens of terrorism and into the lens of all of the issues. Singleminded, mono-focused view points is what took our eyes off the ball and led us into this mess. A true President will think beyond the one-line rhetoric and deliver us to the reality that is the Next American Century. Continue reading

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Liveblogging the First Presidential Debate

Watching the debate on BBS (no commentary, what a great way of listening) while in Bangkok, Thailand:

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Retransmitting Obama/McCain Statement

After waking up on the other side of the world, I find myself astonished at the insanity that is overtaking the election – especially with McCain’s fear of speaking in public. This is an election that will determine our future … Continue reading

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Change I want to Believe In – for the future of America

am weaping because I do not think we know what is going to happen next. And, in a recent Time article, I read what struck me as the fundamental issue of this campaign. This is the call to action – none of this Sarah Palin crap, none of this “seven houses” crap – this is what matters. Continue reading

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“Lipstick on a Pig” – McCain’s Moral Center missing

I have been watching this recent issue unfold with a bit of incredulity – especially when you watch the video of what the “Palin Truth Squad” is crying about: When I went to YouTube to see what the other side … Continue reading

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