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Massa v. Dickert: Libel Case Settled

The following are excerpts of a joint statement that Eric Massa and I collaborated on drafting which follows the libel complaint described in an earlier post.

Eric Massa has since learned that the allegations regarding Sanford Dickert were unfounded. Eric Massa regrets and acknowledges the unrealized benefit to Democratic political campaigns as a result of Sanford Dickert’s absence from organized political activity during the pendency of this litigation.

To the extent that misunderstandings in the heat of the campaign were wrongfully interpreted or misunderstood by anyone, Eric Massa offers his regrets to Sanford Dickert and is prepared to use his good name to remediate the foregoing and any harm caused to Sanford Dickert’s good reputation. Continue reading

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Answering an old question on NY-29th

My suggestion would be to continue the build up of the “benches” in each county – local seats and positions that are “in play”- and focus on the long term build up of Democratic candidates. To succeed there, you will need to build up the Democratic County Committees – and your support in terms of infrastructure and fundraising would be a tremendous boost. Continue reading

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