Massa v. Dickert: Libel Case Settled

The following is a joint statement that Congressional Candidate Eric Massa and I have collaborated on which follows the libel complaint described in this post.

Emphasis is mine.


Sanford Dickert, the New York based political consultant, and Eric Massa, the Democratic candidate for New York’s 29th Congressional District, are pleased to have amicably resolved the litigation which arose during Eric Massa’s 2006 Congressional race in which Sanford Dickert served as Campaign Manager. Eric Massa narrowly lost that race to the incumbent, but is well underway with a reinvigorated effort to take the seat in 2008.

Sanford Dickert and Eric Massa express mutual regret that issues arose. Eric Massa has since learned that the allegations regarding Sanford Dickert were unfounded.

Eric Massa regrets and acknowledges the unrealized benefit to Democratic political campaigns as a result of Sanford Dickert’s absence from organized political activity during the pendency of this litigation.

To the extent that misunderstandings in the heat of the campaign were wrongfully interpreted or misunderstood by anyone, Eric Massa offers his regrets to Sanford Dickert and is prepared to use his good name to remediate the foregoing and any harm caused to Sanford Dickert’s good reputation.

In a demonstration of mutual support and common purpose, both men give their unqualified endorsement of each other. Sanford Dickert reaffirms his political support of Eric Massa and Eric Massa appreciates Sanford Dickert’s support and wishes Sanford Dickert well in his continuing capable national service to Democratic candidates and campaigns.

Sanford Dickert has Eric Massa‘s full confidence, particularly in matters pertaining to on-line advocacy, Internet fundraising and on-line campaigning and is happy to recommend Sanford Dickert and his political and technological expertise.

Both Eric Massa and Sanford Dickert wish each other well in all of their future endeavors and look forward to the Democratic party having success in the 2008 elections and beyond.

Desire to clean the “memory of google”

For clarity sake, we have requested from all of the blogs that posted content to remove it and replace it with the above statement. For details of the request from both of us, please click on this link.

For completion of the case, please see these three posts:

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10 Responses to Massa v. Dickert: Libel Case Settled

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  3. t says:

    Mr Dickert:

    Re Massa:

    For political expediency…you forgave a slimball. AT THE TIME HE MADE THE ACCUSATIONS…he knew they were false.

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  6. Knox says:

    I think it a form of unique karma or kismet that Massa is resigning the same day two years after this statement.

    Congrats Sanford. You fought a hard one.

    You deserve a real apology from Massa, not this wishy-washy one.

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  9. A Lecturer in Political History says:

    Wow, Old Snorkleboy threw his KID out there, and then pulls him back in, like a piece of chum on a line.

    I agree with those who say you deserve a real apology. Of course, you’re kinda getting vindicated, with this KARMA train that is running over the Tickle King at ninety MPH.

    How disgraceful that a politician would behave in this fashion–not surprising, but a disgrace nonetheless. Shame it had to be a Democrat…we more commonly see this kind of convoluted stuff (Craig, Vitter, Foley, Ensign, etc.) on the GOP team–the D’s just fool around, plain and simple.

  10. Miles Thomas says:

    What blows me away is that this was simply about getting your salary paid. It sounded like you were simply asking for the money you were rightly due.

    I just read one of your posts on how to staff for campaigns, and it was obvious that you learned a great deal from your short time there.

    It looks like a lawyer was just trying to find a way to scare you off from paying what you were rightfully due. And that is sad.

    I am glad you got to clear your name Sanford. The saddest part is that Massa will be forever tied with you, even now when he is gone. He exploded with such fury that everyone in politics will remember him.

    All you can do is go beyond this fallacy and learn from this lesson. You are a good man and deserved better.

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