Sen. McCain does ashes and saccloth on the Daily Show

Sen John McCain
Got home this evening and turned on the TiVo to watch the Daily Show tonight and watched Sen. McCain chatting with John Stewart. And, funny thing is, I have almost the same commentary from my former post.

Let me start with: All I can say is, “OMG!” What the? It was a strange and surreal friendly banter between Stewart and Senator McCain. I have not known many Naval officers in my life, but the verbal engagement style was strangely familiar. Haven’t I seen this performance before? Almost down to the hand motions and the vocal intonations.

This time (he said it was his tenth), McCain was a lot more congenial – I guess when you have dropped in the polls, you come back to earth with your thoughts and convictions. This time around, we ignored the Iraq issue and had a nice talk about the Iowa Straw Poll and other candidates. It was a “nice” interview, definitely a more entertaining one. But, when will we see other candidates show up and give their real opinions?

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