Summary of 2010 Broward County Charter Amendments

Voting for Broward County InitativesIn keeping with yesterday’s promise, I am including the five Broward Charter Amendments that are on the 2010 Broward County Ballot.

For the five amendments to the Broward County Charter, I am listing the opinions of the Miami Herald and the Fort Lauderdale Sun-Sentinel.

Update: I am including a link to Michael Mayo’s assessment of the five charter Amendments at the Sun Sentinel.

Broward County Charter Amendment 1 – The Charter Review Commission And Management And Efficiency Study

Summary: Charter Review Commission and the Management and Efficiency Study Committee Shall Meet Every Ten Years (see text)

Editorial Opinions

Miami Herald: AGAINST

A decade between reviews of the county charter for possible revisions or updates is too long. Unfortunately, the County Commission often doesn’t pay much attention to the review commission’s proposed charter changes. It would be helpful if the charter were revised to allow the Charter Review Commission to put amendments to voters when county commissioners don’t take its recommendations seriously.

Sun-Sentinel: AGAINST

This amendment would have the Charter Review Commission and Management and Efficiency Study Committee meet every 10 years. At present, the committee meets every six years. That is not too heavy a load of meetings to help keep the charter up-to-date.

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Summary of 2010 Florida Amendments

Voting on the Broward Ballot

Following up on my post for Florida state-wide contests, I wanted to make sure the summary of the Florida Amendments was captured. I have gone to the Miami Herald and the Sun-Sentinel to capture their thoughts. As of today, the Miami Herald has only opined on Amendments 4, 5, 6 and Amendment 8.

Nov 1st Update: Just learned of Ballotpedia which has a listing of all of the 2010 Florida Amendments and the papers around the state and their opinion of the Amendments.

Amendment 1 – Florida Campaign Finance Requirement Repeal

Summary: In short: currently the state is required to provide funding for candidates that agree to spending limits. This amendment would eliminate public financing of campaigns. (see text)

Editorial Opinions

Sun-Sentinel: VOTE NO

When the Legislature asks you, the voters, whether you really meant it when you passed a constitutional amendment, you have reason for skepticism.

So, be very skeptical of Amendment 1, an item on next month’s ballot that would repeal an earlier amendment and remove very limited state-funded public campaign finance from the Florida Constitution.

The Sun Sentinel Editorial Board recommends a no vote on Amendment 1.

My Opinion?

VOTE NO – the idea to maintain a relatively equal playing field is important – especially when we want to allow others to run aside from insane multi-millionaires like Mr. Scott.
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Summary of Florida/State Wide Elections Editorials for 2010

Voting on the Broward Ballot

Last election, I posted my summary of the Editorial opinions of the Miami Herald and the Sun Sentinel. So, for my readers, allow me to provide their opinions on the state-wide contests and then a post on the Florida Amendments and the Broward County Charter Amendments/Questions.

Summary of Election Editorial opinions – the Miami Herald and the Sun-Sentinel.

Florida Governor

Editorial Opinion

Miami Herald – Alex Sink (click for editorial)

Voters who believe elections should be decided on merit have a clear choice in the race for governor. Democrat Alex Sink, the state’s chief financial officer, stands head and shoulders above Republican Rick Scott in terms of experience, familiarity with issues, and responsiveness to the public.

Fort Lauderdale Sun Sentinel – no answer yet
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Definition of a Modern US President (video)?

Someone on Facebook shared with me, so I felt I might share it with others:

Obama Still Smokin’: A Modern U.S. President

Directed, Created and Barack Obama played by Ron Butler.

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Early Voting Locations in Broward County (2010)

So, something made me laugh when I got an email from Kendrick Meek about Early Voting locations. I clicked on his link and ended up on a very colorful picture of the state of Florida which, once you click on Broward County, it gives you a tabular form of the Early Voting locations.

Sorry guys, but that is a big 2010 Internet FAIL.

Allow me to help my fellow Broward County brethren and provide a google Map of all of the Early Voting locations in Broward.

View Broward County Early Voting Locations (2010) in a larger map

All you have to do is click on the blue pin that is close to where you live. If this one is too small – simply click on the Broward County Early Voting Locations (2010) link and you can see them in all of their glory.

Note: the locations open tomorrow and are available until October 30th. And, the hours for Early Voting in Broward are from 11am to 7pm, Monday thru Saturday.

P.S. All it took me was a simple Map on google Maps and 10 minutes of transferring addresses to the system. {{{poof!}}}

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