Are the Senate Repugs are setting the stage for a 9/11 rescue next year…

After I got home watching TRON: Legacy, I turned on the DVR and started watching the last Daily Show of the season. And what I saw sickened me.

In the 111th Congress, the Senate Republicans are still filibustering over the James Zadroga 9/11 Health and Compensation Act. After their continued use of 9/11 in the past nine years, I am sickened at the acts of the Senate Republicans and their insane delays. And then to note that none of the major news outlets even set any time to this particular outrage.

Maybe they are being smart, since the Repugs could be thinking that they will only stay for this bill but avoid the DADT? I assume they are afraid because if it comes to the floor, the Dems might add an amendment to that bill that the Repugs would not want – such as DADT.

Can someone get their head out of their a$$ and get this issue resolved? At least before the Repugs could use this as a big deal in the 112th Congress next year?

UPDATE: looks like things worked out in the end.

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Could Obama be thinking of one-term and done?

Tired President ObamaA couple of days ago, a political consultant was talking to me over drinks at a Xmas event and I heard him muse that maybe President Obama might be thinking a “one-term and done” strategy.

Instead of trying to focus on the next election and triangulate (as Clinton would have done) making the next two years more about political pandering versus repairing our country, President Obama may actually think it would be a better the idea to announce – in the coming weeks – that he is not going to run for re-election.

Incredible thought? But, consider the benefits:

  • President Obama would not need to expend all of his energy fighting the election battle for the next two years, especially when we need to focus on the matters at hand – in terms of the economy, job growth, our deficit, climate change, etc. Rather than pushing the political water uphill, he could focus on fighting the good fight in Congress.  Without an election looming over him, he could build upon the legislative victories he has accomplished and then continue to the betterment of his “legacy” – and our country’s future.
  • With President Obama fighting on in Congress, it keeps him above the political fray and allows for other players like Sec. of State Clinton and VP Joe Biden to take the brunt of the battle of the election.  Both battle-tested and extremely experienced in running government, they would make for a powerful force.   Today, the Republicans are going to cause all sorts of problems to make Obama look bad as President for 2012; they would fall short of a Presidential election cycle where the Democratic President was pounding them on one side and the Democratic primary candidates would be hitting their standard bearer from the field of battle.

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WTF has Obama Done for Us So Far?

As I am watching 60 Minutes with President Obama speaking on the past week and I am blown away that people seem to stick to the wrong narrative.

I wish that Obama and the DNC/DCCC/DSCC spoke on what the last two years have accomplished for us.

Take a look here:

And then, take a look at what the next fight will be about:

What happens if we extend the tax cuts...

Above image from Ezra Klein at the Washington Post.

Should we keep the Bush tax cuts or drop them? Can someone on the right please tell me how our country moves forward with this debt?

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Congratulations to Cynthia Thomas!

Cynthia ThomasJust read the details on the election here at the Broward Supervisor of Elections office website and saw Mrs Cynthia Thomas has been chosen.

Congratulations Mrs. Thomas! And congratulations to David Kout – who I hope will work with Fred and Cynthia to get appointed in the remaining seat.

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Afterthoughts on the Rally to Restore Sanity and/orFear

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So, on the return bus with my compatriots from the DL21C and I must say, I was quite fortunate to get this bus and this ride – on our return trip, we ended up picking up four stranded HuffPo travelers who could not make it back to their buses. Stories of lack of organization, leaving late, arriving late were rampant. The refugees were still happy since the event itself was one that they felt part of even though it was not all they expected.

So, what was your thought Sanford?

I got there an hour and a half earlier and the Rally was entertained with replays of snippets of both Stewart and Colbert talking about their respective rallies. It was entertaining, but continually cramped. You could see that the place was laid out by someone, but no real staffing on managing the space itself.
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