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Rolling Stone: Inside Obama’s People-Powered Revolution

What pleased me in reading this article from Rolling Stone was the fact that the campaign married online engagement with offline activities and vice versa. Never a campaign event went off without capturing people’s email addresses, zip codes and names as they came to the event. Never a chance was forgotten to drive engagement both online and off – using the MyBO site to drive involvement and community. Continue reading

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Blast from the Past – Kerry’s 2004 Online Fundraising Performance

We were seriously worried about the software doing on contributions since it was relatively cheap and had not been tested under serious load conditions, but when New Hampshire went to JK, I was there all night long watching the server load, making sure we were okay. And, we made it quite nicely. It wasn’t until SuperTuesday that we discovered the fallacy of low-cost solutions in an enterprise world. Continue reading

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Watching the Florida Governor race with a disappointed yawn…

Davis has lagged in all of the metrics most political operatives discuss in terms of fundraising, field offices, television, and public appearances. I could have also given the same measure, simply by noting the Internet effort that occurred soon after the election. Based on this measure, and previous experiences with other Florida campaigns – I worry that the Davis Campaign is in a hole – and, unless a heroic effort is undertaken, we will be discussing Governor Crist. Continue reading

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Comparing England’s eCampaigning

Funny – after the Presidential election in the US – I was expecting a very spirited online campaign effort in the UK – especially with a six-month build-up to the anticipated May 5th election date. And, as an interested party and a spectator – I have been watching the websites and on the three major party websites for the past month – ever since PM Blair dissolved Parliament. So, have the parties and campaigns leveraged the vantage point from across the pond to communicate to the masses via the Internet? Continue reading

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