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Job Posting: DBA for Obama for America in Chicago

From a mailing list I am on: Apologies for the broad email, but Uday Sreekanth, the Deputy CTO/Data Architect for the campaign, mentioned to me the campaign is in need of an experienced DBA to augment their efforts. Here is … Continue reading

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Dear Chelsea, I am sorry it has been a while…

I want a President who speaks—honestly—to what is best in us as citizens. We can be a stupid bunch, but we are not fools. Dishonest, sophist language—moral language used cynically—will lead us to use moral language cynically. Moral language used honestly, if it reaches just 5% of the population—moral demands on us to organize, empathize, and consider the public good, not just our own good, when making political decisions. Over time, character will out—ours and a candidate’s, and we need someone whose character is not up for grabs. Continue reading

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