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Deja Vu: McCain 08 looks a lot like Kerry 04

I do not like predictions on campaigns, but the way I see this campaign going – especially with the infrastructure and organization the Obama Campaign has pushed forward, I see a poor showing for McCain – even with an October Surprise. Continue reading

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Looking for a few good Democratic developers…

The Obama Campaign is looking for creative, smart people who are willing to work long hours to be part of an effort that will not just win an election, but change the way campaigns are run. If you find someone who doesn’t have the requisite years of experience, but believes they can fill the spot, please encourage them to apply anyway. Continue reading

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Dear Chelsea, I am sorry it has been a while…

I want a President who speaks—honestly—to what is best in us as citizens. We can be a stupid bunch, but we are not fools. Dishonest, sophist language—moral language used cynically—will lead us to use moral language cynically. Moral language used honestly, if it reaches just 5% of the population—moral demands on us to organize, empathize, and consider the public good, not just our own good, when making political decisions. Over time, character will out—ours and a candidate’s, and we need someone whose character is not up for grabs. Continue reading

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Impressed by the Hillary/Obama fundraising totals? I’m not…yet.

So, come October 15th – when the numbers come out from the campaigns, I am going to take a look at the CODC for the campaigns. And then I will see who really is generating “grassroots” support. The challenge is making an efficient “machine” – and maybe Hillary has built it. Or maybe it has been goosed. Who knows. Continue reading

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